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Sustainable growth for long-lasting impact

Growing fast is easy but often fickle, growing sustainably is meaningful and fruitful. It transforms our relations and helps us thrive. That is what we call sustainable growth. A holistic perspective on sustainability that affects every aspect of growth in the event and communication industry: organizational efficiency, personal development, environmental awareness, results and impact.

GMI collective aims to be the frontrunner in this area. Due to our creative concepts, shared services, eye for inclusion, and CO2 reduction methods we help people, brands and organizations move forward.

Think and act sustainably

Sustainability should no longer be a choice nowadays. It is essential for future-proof entrepreneurship. Not only thinking sustainably, but also acting like it. That is why we have decided to devote ourselves to a sustainable future for our companies, our industry and the world. We have two goals: our companies will operate 100% climate-neutral by 2025, and we will organize all our events 100% climate-neutral in 2030.

Join our movement

Sustainable growth starts with a clear vision and concrete objectives from which to take targeted actions. And above all, it needs collaboration and co-creation. In the oncoming years, we will work together with our people, clients, suppliers and sustainability specialists to make the event and communication industry an example of sustainable growth: eco-friendly, inclusive, resilient, and resourceful.

Lead by example

We created a compass to guide us on our journey. For this compass, we used the Sustainable Development Goals, created by the United Nations. From the list of 17 points for global transformation, we chose four goals that enhance our mission:

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