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We shape the world’s transition to meaningful online events

The world is changing fast, but one thing will remain the same: our desire and need to meet each other. It is how we learn, grow, collaborate and do business. New times ask for more sustainable, conscious ways of coming together. As technology advances it provides us faster communication, more accurate information and the possibility to seamlessly collaborate around the world. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve learned to do everything remotely. It is likely to cause a permanent change in how we work and interact.

We believe the future is hybrid: where we can meet each other in-person and virtual with equal impact.

Expand your reach reduce your footprint

It is our mission to shape the world’s transition to meaningful online events.

A square is a powerful metaphor for this. Squares enables you to expand your reach and reduce your footprint at the same time. We help you achieve your organizational and sustainability goals, with less traffic, less CO2 emissions, less food waste and no show. Your Square will be built and configured once, and will remain your online platform for all future events.

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